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Join Us for Fun Events Through the Seasons!

With food from around the world, it only makes sense we celebrate each one of the beautiful cultures represented in our community. Whether it is Oktoberfest, Holi, or a Christmas Bazaar, we are so excited to host you!


Upcoming Events:


Trivia Night
Every Wednesday at 6:00pm
(open to all | win prizes)

live music - Brown.jpeg

Live Music - Rand Brown
June 1st 5:30-8PM


Half Grass Trio - Live Music
June 15th  5:30-7:30PM


Austin Farrell - Live Music
July 6th - 5:30 - 8PM

growing baby usa logo.jpg

Bingo with Growing Baby USA
May 30th at 6 PM


Bingo non-profit
Lucky To Serve

My project-1.PNG

Terrarium Workshop
June 28th 5:30PM


Half Grass Trio - Live Music
Aug 3rd  5:30-7:30PM

Game Night
Every Friday 6-10PM

Paint & Sip 2.PNG

Paint & Sip
June 14th 6PM


Community Plant Swap
June 30th 12PM

Apply to play music at Zesti!

Amplifier and Guitar
Image by Wes Hicks

Send us an email with your information!

Send an email to with your band info, availability and rates and we will get in touch!
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