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∖'zes-tē∖ adj

fresh, alive & vibrant

Zesti for us means a place where the senses come alive in the garden as well as on the plate, offering a wide variety of foods to choose from.

Our family just like yours, looked for a place where everyone could choose their favorite foods. Well, here it is! Zesti Food Carts in beautiful Forest Grove came together in our appreciation for good food, and our LOVE for food that is shared with others.


Zesti is not just another food cart station but rather a community. We want our space to place to be a hub of the community, a place where everyone can come together and mingle. The land has been designed with intention to accommodate food lovers, families, adults and even pets.

A culinary adventure on wheels! Discover a world of flavors as our mobile carts bring gourmet delights to your doorstep. From savory street eats to sweet indulgences, Zesti Carts redefine on-the-go dining with a burst of taste in every bite. Join us for a mobile feast that tantalizes your taste buds and satisfies your cravings, making every meal an exciting journey.

We aspire to build a place that can host markets, holiday events, farmer's markets, art galleries, garden design and more! Stay tuned for more exciting news for our lovely Forest Grove & sister city of Cornelius.

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